@ Tech Open Air 2017


A #PowerGuide is a woman with a bold spirit and a vision, one who honors her own uniqueness, and is dedicated to carving out a space for herself in the world.

A #PowerGuide is a mentor who lifts others as she elevates herself. The Tao of the #PowerGuide encourages us to speak up, imagine, innovate and thrive. A #PowerGuide sees inequality, inefficiency, wastefulness, and struggle and sets out to dream up solutions, to fantasize an ideal world, and then she builds it. These women do and make that which has never existed before, applying the will of their heart to the work.

Celebrating our #PowerGuides inspires our own journeys. They show us that self-sufficiency does not require us to sacrifice our individuality or compromise our spirits. They show us we are capable of muscling our fantasies into reality and living the lives we yearn to live.

Entrepreneur The Girl is hosting an event in association with Deutsche Bahn—the first of what we hope will become many events—celebrating creative women leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs as part of this year’s Tech Open Air (TOA) Festival in Berlin. Our #PowerGuide Salon will present the Mother-Daughter founders of international media powerhouse, StyleLikeU inspiring 40 million viewers to accept their bodies, their struggles, and express their spirits with style.

This Tech Open Air Satellite Event will take place on July 14th, 2017 at Deutsche Bahn Open Academy in Berlin

This Tech Open Air Satellite Event will take place on July 14th, 2017 at Deutsche Bahn Open Academy in Berlin

Rachel Wingfield, our second guest, has radically shaped the climate of future-casting and design futures.  As director and co-founder of Loop.ph, an award winning spatial laboratory, she invents fantastical architectural scale environments that enable us to interrogate critical planetary dilemmas. Her work explores a new role for designers to intervene in urban spaces, pushing their dreams into reality.

We've also added meditation pioneer Rakel Sosa to the #PowerGuide line-up. With a background in Documentary filmmaking, Journalism, Healing and Pranayama Breathwork, Rakel founded The Meditaion Dome Project to bring a sanctuary for healing and meditation to big cities and high-stress regions worldwide. 

Women like this have the power to inform and inspire young girls world wide. Through our #PowerGuide Series, we’re spreading the word that for imaginative women with heart, there are no limits to what we can do.