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Our mission...

We found that there were too few books about girls or about people of color where their characters were both dynamic and fully developed and there were too few books that dared to address the growing need for girls to become self sufficient.

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 Join the movement.

When you back this project you're helping put this book in the hands of girls all over the world. You're fueling the efforts of talented women writers, teachers, illustrators, mothers, and dreamers with your support.

 Like you, we believe in paying women and mothers the value of their hard work, and know that every contribution will create excitement towards making this book series the best quality possible.    

Your contribution also propels our efforts to develop exciting learning tools, including carefully developed home and classroom curriculum, a girl’s conference, public talks with inspiring women, mindfulness resources, and more.

This is what girls are asking for, a book that speaks to their individuality and epic potential. Let's show them that the force of our community is with them.

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