The #PowerGuide Directors of Miu Miu’s ‘Women’s Tales’

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by: Aubrey Gail Ferreira

Photo Cred:  mubi

Photo Cred: mubi

We are so interested in this idea of women filmmakers telling stories about other women, womanhood, or femininity. Watching the ‘Women’s Tales’ series presented by Miu Miu, I realized how drastically different these films feel compared to the majority of films out there made mostly by men.



Here is Chloe Sevigny director of the films, "Carmen” and "Kitty," whose film for the series highlights the lesser know side of being a performer, solitude, repetition, and dedication to craft.



Acclaimed director, Lucrecia Martel studied film in Argentina before becoming her own teacher when her school lost funding. "I was a free mind, because I had to be,” she said. Her work highlights the divine other-worldliness of being a woman. This mysterious-creepy aesthetic is at the forefront of her film ”MUTA.” We women have the power to metamorphosize, she seems to assert in the work, like butterflies and moths. We’re reminded that we too can evolve.



We support the work of women filmmakers and directors, like the ones presented in this series. It is essential that the media we and our children are exposed to represents the vastness of the human experience and not just one narrow view.