Edition F's 25 Frauen Award Gala

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by: Camalo Gaskin


Diversity is beneficial in any environment.  We know this from permaculture farming, where bio-diversity enriches the nutrients of the soil, extending the fertility of any land. This is the same in educational institutions, business and professional environments. The more diverse the student body, pool of educators, researchers, and experts, the richer the culture of discourse. Products need to be designed with many user perspectives being considered before going to market. Most successful organizations understand this principle in pooling ideas from think tanks to direct their company or institutions strategies for the future. 

But, for too long, social prejudices have kept us doors shut to opening up to the value that comes with having input from more cultures, more minds, more experiences.

Edition F is an initiative that matches women to business organizations that could benefit from diversifying its workforce and talent pools – specifically in sectors where women are not well represented. They also reach further, and provide extensive coaching resources that help enrich the experiences of those women once they enter these workforces. 

It was an honor to be invited to their 25 Frauen Award Gala. Once a year, they celebrate 25 women inventors across the society. This is an opportunity to take a glimpse at just how women’s unique perspectives add great value to the advancement of any field. One of the driving missions of our #PowerGuide Salon was to highlight the advantage anyone who experiences voids in their fields, their society, or their personal lives bring to the table, simply by their unique ability to recognize room for development and innovation.  

Entering the historic Kino International, the enthusiasm for this moment was thick in the air, with over 700 guests pouring in. The array of women coming to claim their interest in this kind of event was very new and unique in Germany. The opening keynote speech by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, Brigitte Zypries put this into perspective. She reminded us that it was not until the 1970s that a woman could independently open a bank account without an accompanying man as a co-signer. 

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We’ve seen the wave of women’s marches across the U.S. over the past year, but the gender discrepancies have become more visible all over the world. In the age of social media, even individuals concerned with this lack of visibility can use their accounts as platforms for multiplying the impact of this call to action. 


Though women’s visibility in corporate fields is disproportionate to their place in society, we can also use this as an invitation to also peek into our intersectionalities to extend our effort to widely diversity. In our book, Entrepreneur Finds Her Way, the girl character makes space in her imagination for her own personal identity, and she extends that to see who else deserves visibility in her ideal world. As #PowerGuides, we invite everyone to see the voids around them and ask who is there and how can we use our drive, resources, and imaginations to address them.