The Super Power of Representation

Aubrey Gail FerreiraComment

by: Aubrey Gail Ferreira



Captain Planet was an important comic for me as a kid. Not only did it express a need for heroism in terms of environmental protection, it brought together young people from around the world to do so with magic natural powers. Looking back on it now, I realize that this was a wonderful symbolic expression. Beyond that, the team boss was a woman of color, the earth goddess Gaia. And she was beautiful.

The fact that I still remember this one character, of all the comics, and books I read, and out of all the cartoons I watched, says a lot. She was one of two powerful women of color, I was exposed to in the media as a child.


Gaia and Storm from X-men were my role models even though they were comic book characters. They were WOC who embodied the epic power of nature and who were never scared to stand up for themselves and what they knew was right. They were leaders, overcoming difficult challenges everyday, and everyday their power grew.

Captain Planet and The X-men comics embody teamwork, diversity, environmentalism, and the wisdom of the feminine and of nature. We’re all about that.