Reaching Inside to Find the Biggest and Best You

Visualization, Keys to SuccessAubrey Gail FerreiraComment

by: Aubrey Gail Ferreira


Being in your #BigSelf is being in your most powerful state. This is a way of being where we identify with our big ideas, our big intentions, our big imagination and our big compassion. Here we know that there are going to be little hiccups on our journey, but we don't let them stop the journey—we keep on. We see the big potential of our efforts, and it has a way of dwarfing little issues so that we may easily get over them.

Often expanding—venturing to a new place, meeting new people or starting a new creative endeavor—requires that we sort out our personal issues. Inner work and outer work must walk hand in hand.

Our book is all about this step in our personal progress along life’s path. If you haven’t already, read our philosophy page and get the book to dive deep into these ideas. For now, here are some tips to help anyone looking to branch out, expand, and grow into their #BigSelf.

Identify with your big purpose—the big picture of your project—who could this help? how can this make a difference in my community, in the world? Move forward from there.

Visualize that you are huge. Big enough to hold the world in your hands. Imagine all the people in the world who want to be loved, who need a little help, who can benefit from who you are, what you are doing, the ideas you have to offer. Bring the whole planet into your heart.

 Find #BigSelf perspective on little-self issues and anxiety falls away. Remember, you can do it. When you engage your heart and use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.