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Every child has the imagination to correct the course of history.

We simply need to hand them the tools... and the microphone.

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The radical new children’s book.

Entrepreneur Finds Her Way is an adventurous story for emboldening children that doubles as an allegory for adults.

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As a young girl journeys down her own life’s path, mentors teaching their magic by example, inspire her to fully realize her own.

Everyone deserves access to this kind of wise guidance. With it, children can learn how to provide for themselves what they need in life to be happy and to become an agent of innovative change.

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Making our girl character.

Did you know that only 17% of children’s books had a girl as the lead? Even fewer starred people of color. We think it’s time for dynamic girl leads with diverse backgrounds and radical perspectives.

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“The story, the design, the atmosphere... I just can’t stop looking at it!”

“Thanks so much for writing such a beautiful and avant-garde book. I like how her parents empowered her and allowed her to go discover the world in her way. This book is a must have for kids especially black kids to teach them self confidence and autonomy.

My 4-year-old daughter loves it, she is delighted to discover the unique and colourful universe of Entrepreneur and by the same time could enriched her vocabulary with new and interesting words. I am so honoured I got to read it to her. All the best.”

—Tobi Ayedadjou, Mother + Entrepreneur

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“This book is sure to be a treasure unfolding over time in the eyes of a child.”

—Sun Yun Kwon, Mother + Composer

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We believe in every child.

We want to see the whole child shine.


Children are excited to see aspects of their unique selves represented in the books they read. The message becomes doubly inspiring for them. That’s why we filled Entrepreneur Finds Her Way with diverse characters, ethnicities, abilities, and visions of the future. We are excited to make creative fairytales and financial literacy tools that are relevant for the people who need them most.

Help us get this book and learning tools to children, families and schools all over the world by donating to our organization.

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“Entrepreneur shows us how to believe in the power of the imagination…”

“In a time when the world is so desperately clinging to the familiar and closing in on itself—children refuse to concede their dreams. This book is a gift to my seven year old daughter, Zahara, and all of us. An investment in the power of the ocean that is her mind.”

—Rashida Bumbray, Mother + Curator

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Changing the narrative.

Can I dare to do the uncommon? How can I become self-reliant? What really makes people happy? How can I learn to become my biggest and best self? These questions and more are answered in a book about a little girl on her journey to self-actualization.

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“It awakened something in me... I can’t believe it’s this good!”

—Jessica Hannan, Mother + Fashion Director of SLEEK Magazine

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“I wish I had a book like this when I was growing up as a little brown girl in rural Japan.”

—Mie C. Anton, Mother + Founder of brand consultancy Rough Translation + Entrepreneur

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Independence, Intuition, Imagination, Self-Confidence, Agency & Activism.

These are the magic wands new fairytales must offer.

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Our learning tools promote deeper comprehension skills like mindfulness, visualization, and creative thinking to nourish the whole learner.

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Our narratives aim to see new faces, new characters, new modalities reflected in the pages of children’s books.

We know each child faces a set of their own unique challenges. That’s why our learning tools aim to open access to resources that enable both underserved and well-resourced children to move through the world with agility and agency. We aim to prepare them for exploring their own minds, imaginations, and the systems of currency to fuel their personal development.

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“This is just breathtaking…

A masterpiece!”

“What a delight it was to dig into this uniquely imagined book which explores what girl power truly means. Entrepreneur Finds Her Way is a triumph of spirit and tenacity; a visual masterpiece weaving rich imagery into the tale of a young girl who boldly dares to forge her own surprising path in business and life. As this female lead dreams-up, researches, and ultimately launches her own enterprise, she reminds young readers of the infinite possibilities available to them, limited only by their own imaginations. I admire the authors for so boldly tackling the subject of personal agency and female entrepreneurship, at a time when our very existence as women is constantly threatened. This beautifully written book shows what is possible when girls step up and fearlessly take charge of their own futures in dynamic and inspiring ways.”

—Malaika Jones-Kebede, Mother + Entrepreneur + Startup Founder + Investor

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“What an inspiring, beautiful book!”

“The story line is such an important, new story to tell young girls about the power of their ideas, connections, and ingenuity. And the illustrations are stunning. I can't wait to read this book to my girls - they're going to love it and it teaches them exactly the sort of thing I want them to know!”

—Kate Northrup, Mother + Best-selling Author of Money A Love Story

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Entrepreneur Finds Her Way is a shining-star of children’s book about navigating this contemporary world, being deeply creative, and the joy of self-discovery.

People who read this book will experience how curiosity, imagination, and a little legwork can be the first steps to making big dreams come true.


“I love the element of play and mindfulness.”

“Many children are not prepared for the real world where money literacy is essential. This much needed work of literature is just what girls (and boys) have been asking for.”

—Rakel Sosa, Mother + Breathwork Expert + Entrepreneur


“This is a book for all our daughters, granddaughters, and selves.”

—Tina Mani Kanagaratnam, Co-Founder Shanghai International Literary Festival

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“Wow… I have two boys and would love to read this book to them.”

—Nikki Elledge Brown, Host of The Naptime Empires Podcast

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“You created a strong message for grown women entrepreneurs and strong-minded girls a like.”

—Audria Richmond, Bestselling Author, CEO of Uncloned Life, Branding and Marketing Genius


Want us to do a reading or talk at your event?

Let’s make it happen.

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Amplifying the voices of power women mentors to those of us on a mission to build our own reality, and then live in it.


International Salon.

Talks championing #PowerGuide women world wide.

Often when someone exists outside of the dominant culture, whether it be because they are a woman, or a person of color, or a person of migrant background, maybe they love to dress in wild fashions, or are outspoken in ways deemed inappropriate, maybe they have a disability, or care “too” deeply about issues most would prefer to ignore—there are many faces of marginalization—we feel that this experience often bestows upon that person a unique perspective of the culture around them.

We have found that these people are able to perceive voids, to see where something is missing, more clearly than others. In this way, they have something that no one else has. They have vision. They see injustice, wastefulness, trauma, or toxicity and they see the need for healing. Therein lies their ultimate power.


Event Synergy

We hosted our #PowerGuide Salon partnering with Deutsche Bahn and Tech Open Air in Berlin showcasing StyleLikeU and other women innovators and entrepreneurs sharing gems of wisdom for those of us looking to build our own realities and live in them.

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Who we are.

Aubrey Gail Ferreira & Camalo Gaskin are inspiring the next generation of futurist dreamers to bring their visions to life.