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Our Children's Book


It all started when...

Camalo's Daughter, Ghi Ghi, posed a very valid question: What if none of the professions I see in the world feel right for me? A series of improvised stories arose in Camalo from her daughter's need. Basically, she realized, You invent

Self-invention, which we also refer to as self-actualization, is the process of discovering and following the passionate questions that drive us, exploring our deep selves—our creative being—and then from there, building & innovating in our worlds. 

We realized that we are all faced with this big question: 

How can I truly be myself, be happy, and be self-sufficient?

See what happens as Entrepreneur Finds Her Way

PowerGuide Salon TOA 2017

Inventing the way

Often when someone exists outside of the dominant culture, whether it be because they are a woman, or a person of color, or a person of migrant background, maybe they love to dress in wild fashions, or are outspoken in ways deemed inappropriate, maybe they have a disability, or care “too” deeply about issues most would prefer to ignore—there are many faces of marginalization—we feel that this experience often bestows upon that person a unique perspective of the culture around them.

We have found that these people are able to perceive voids, to see where something is missing, more clearly than others. In this way, they have something that no one else has. They have vision. They see injustice, wastefulness, trauma, or toxicity and they see the need for healing. Therein lies their ultimate power.


#PowerGuide Salon at Deutsche Bahn's Open Academy in Berlin 

As part of Tech Open Air 2017, we hosted our #PowerGuide Salon highlighting four amazing women innovating their fields, employing their huge imaginations, and creating their own magical universes for all of us to experience.

We took a journey with our #PowerGuide speakers Rachel Wingfield, biological architect and co-founder of spatial laboratory; Rakel Sosa, Founder of The Meditation Dome Project, Journalist, Breathwork Expert & Healer; and Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, founders of the StyleLikeU movement and multi-media platform. 


Intergenerational Exchange

Each of these women are what we call a #PowerGuide. As champions of women’s mentorship, we were delighted to bring them all together that they may show us their way and that we may let it inform our own. We feel that young women and girls especially excel when they may observe and engage with innovative and bold women who have found their own ways in the world. We believe that in order to pursue one’s own wild imagination, dreams and urgings of the heart, learning to work for oneself, to be one’s own boss is an invaluable asset.


Special Guest Speakers: Stylelikeu

StyleLikeU is a multimedia company, founded by mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, that reveals the transformative power of personal style. In its viral video series, The What’s Underneath Project, authentic individuals of all ages, races, body types and genders remove layers of clothing while sharing empowering stories about style, self-image, and identity.

With over 50 million views worldwide—featured in the New York Times, Allure, i-D, Paper Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Refinery 29, and named among Paste Magazine's 10 Best Web Series of 2016—StyleLikeU proves that style has nothing to do with trends, money or presenting a facade. Rather, true style is the result of radical self-acceptance.

Photographs by Nathalie Francoise

25 Frauen + Edition F

25 Frauen was an evening of recognizing women inventors who have shifted the cultural, tech, medical, social, personal wellness, media and environmental landscape in Germany and worldwide. As the opening speaker, Bundeswirtschaftministerin (Finance Minister of Germany) Brigitte Zypries put the event in context by reminding us that only in the 1970s could women in Germany open their own bank accounts.


25 Frauen Awards in Berlin

It was an honor to be invited to their 25 Frauen Award Gala. Once a year, they celebrate 25 women inventors across the society. This is an opportunity to take a glimpse at just how women’s unique perspectives add great value to the advancement of any field. One of the driving missions of our #PowerGuide Salon was to highlight the advantage anyone who experiences voids in their fields, their society, or their personal lives bring to the table, simply by their unique ability to recognize room for development and innovation.  

Screen Shot 25 frauen.png

The Award Gala

We celebrated with the wonderful and fun Alwina Roth of Deutsche Bahn with whom we are excited to co-host our upcoming #PowerGuide Salon at the Open Academy as a TOA Satellite event on 14 July! This was a night of celebrating Germany's women inventors.


Every girl is a universe.  

It is up to her to pursue her own wild imagination.